Photon CMS manages uploaded files via Asset Manager. The Assets Field type allows you to attach multiple files (assets) to the currently edited record using the Asset Manager.

To be able to re-arrange attached image assets positions, we recommend using the Gallery Field.

Table of Contents
  1. Assets Field Appearance
  2. ‚ÄčAssets Field Options

Assets Field Appearance

‚ÄčAssets Field Options

Assets Field features the following settings:

  1. Field Type
  2. Field Name
  3. Relation Name
  4. Related Module
  5. Tooltip Text
  6. Validation Rules
  7. Default Value
  8. Editable
  9. Disabled
  10. Hidden
  11. Is System
  12. Nullable
  13. Indexed
  14. Lazy Loading
  15. Can Create Search Choice
  16. Flatten To Optgroups
  17. Is Active Entry Filter

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