Assets Manager

Assets Manager is presented as a full-screen modal window, accessible from any part of Photon CMS Control Panel.

Table of Contents
  1. Accessing the Assets Manager
  2. Custom Image Cropping

Accessing the Assets Manager

There are four ways to access the Assets Manager:

  1. From the main sidebar menu (second bottom-most icon)
  2. From the Asset or Assets Field
  3. From the Rich Text editor (Redactor)
  4. From the Gallery Field

Accessing the Asset Manager from the sidebar menu is a convenient way to browse or update assets, when you don't actually need to select an asset in order to submit it alongside other entry data.

It is good to know that when you perform a search in the Assets Manager, the search parameters will be preserved in all Assets Manager windows, no matter how you access them, as long as you're accessing them from the same Photon CMS Module. If you browse to another Module the search parameters are cleared.

Custom Image Cropping

Using the Assets Manager it is possible to crop images exactly the way you want to. 

Each time you upload a new photo, based on the formats you specify in the Image Sizes module, a number of resized photos will be generated alongside the original. By default, those images will be cropped out of the center of the original photo, both horizontally and vertically.

However, most of the time this doesn't provide good results, especially with portrait-oriented pictures of humans. You can re-frame images using the provided cropping tool.

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