Photon CMS caches certain values to improve overall system performance. 

Photon CMS is also capable of caching all data returned by the Photon CMS API, thus dramatically improving response times.

Table of Contents
  1. Enabling Photon CMS Caching

Enabling Photon CMS Caching

Full Photon CMS caching is not enabled by default.

To enable Photon CMS caching of all data read from any of Photon CMS modules, you need to edit the .env file and set the CACHE_DRIVER and USE_PHOTON_CACHING parameters to the following values:


The PHOTON_CACHING_TIME parameters tells Photon CMS how long should it keep the results cached (in minutes).


Photon cache utilizes Laravel’s cache tags. Cache tags are not supported when using the file or database cache drivers.

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