Changing Email and Password

Photon CMS implements some of the OWASP Authentication Recommendations that are most of the time required if your app needs to pass a security scan, required by some enterprise-level companies.

Table of Contents
  1. Changing an Email Address
  2. Changing a Password

Changing an Email Address

You can change your email address by typing a new one in the Email input field in the Users module. After you click the 'Save Changes' button the following process takes place:

  • An email is sent to a new email address asking you to confirm it
  • Once you click the confirmation link the email address is updated
  • You are automatically logged-out of the Control Panel, and you can log in using your new email address

If you don't complete the process above, you'll still be able to log-in using your old email address.

Changing a Password

The initial set of password policy options requires that your password must be:

  • At least 8 characters in length
  • Containing at least one alpha, one numeric, and one special character
  • Not reused for a history of 13 passwords

Note that passwords are set to expire after 90 days.

If you wish to simplify the password complexity, you are free to edit the Validation string in the Password field using the Generator.

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