Dashboard Widgets

Dashboard Widgets can help you and your users to monitor vital parts of your system, and present statistical info that matters.

Table of Contents
  1. About Dashboard Widgets
  2. Latest Items Widget

About Dashboard Widgets

If you are logged in as a user with super-administrator privileges, you are free to add and configure as many Dashboard Widgets as you wish. Be cautious, though, as some of the widgets might be API-resource heavy, and adding too many could lead to users being banned from access if they hit the API throttle limits.

Latest Items Widget

Currently, the only available Widget type is the Latest Items Widget, but more Widgets are in the process of programming. 

Latest Items Widget help you to identify latest entries in a module of your choice. 

Latest Items Widget options:

Module - lets you specify the module to be monitored.

Heading Text - a text that will be used as a widget title.

Icon - an icon that will be used as a widget icon.

Theme - lets you pick one of five available color themes.

Data Refresh Interval - Lets you specify how often the widget data will be refreshed.

Private - lets you keep the widget invisible from other users (it will be displayed only to yourself).

Image Field - lets you specify which asset field should be used as a source for thumbnail image representing an entry inside the widget (e.g. Profile Photo for Users Module).

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