Face Recognition

A common request in news publishing industry is to tag each photo properly so that it can be found and re-used later on. Often, this is a tedious manual task.  The face recognition feature automatically recognizes and tags celebrities in uploaded photos doing the work for you.

Table of Contents
  1. Using the Face Recognition Feature
  2. Setting up the Rekognition service

Using the Face Recognition Feature

Using the face recognition features requires no effort on your end. Once enabled, face recognition will run automatically after each photo upload. As soon as the recognition process is completed, you will be notified via browser notification. The notification will display the name of the recognized celebrity and the confidence factor.

Setting up the Rekognition service

Photon CMS face recognition feature uses the AWS Rekognition service. Before being able to use the recognition feature, you need to fill out these parameters in the .env file:


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