Photon CMS is a commercial software, and in order to keep track of it's usage, Photon CMS has a licensing check mechanism. Find out more about the way it's set-up.

Table of Contents
  1. License Terms
  2. How License Check Works?
  3. License Keys
  4. Go Live Three Days Grace Period

License Terms

Legally, Photon CMS is governed by our Terms of Service legal document. Please, take some time to read the document before using Photon CMS for your next project.

How License Check Works?

When you're using the Control Panel or the API Photon CMS will ping our Photon Haven server once per hour to check the license validity. The request will carry the domain name of your Photon CMS installation so that we can distinguish development from public domains.

Here are some of the rules we use to determine if the domain is considered public or not:

  1. Does it only consist of one segment (e.g. “localhost”)?
  2. Is it an IP address?
  3. Does it have a port, and is it something other than 80 or 443?
  4. Does it have a dev-like subdomain (e.g. dev., local., test., testing., stage. or staging.)?
  5. Does it have a non-standard TLD (e.g. .dev, .localhost, .test, .example or .app)?

License Keys

License key is generated automatically for each new Photon CMS installation in the /storage folder, the first time your CMS installation pings our Photon Haven server.

When you purchase a copy of Photon CMS, a new license key will be issued which you must download and use instead of the one that was automatically generated. 

One license key can be used on only one public domain.

Go Live Three Days Grace Period

If you decide to go live, but you forgot to buy a license, you will be notified in your Photon CMS Control Panel that you need to purchase a license.

Your Control Panel and the API will continue to work for three days, giving you plenty of time to complete the license purchase, even during the weekends.

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