Mass Editing

Table of Contents
  1. Performing a Mass-edit Action

Performing a Mass-edit Action

Mass edit is a very powerful tool, so think twice if you want to allow your administrators to use it or not - there is no undo on the mass-edit action!

If you wish to disable the Mass Editing functionality set the MASS_EDITING_DISABLED parameter in your .env configuration file to true. 

To remove the Mass Editing option from the Control Panel you should edit the /resources/assets/photonCms/dependencies/js/config/config.json file and set the massEditingDisabled option to false. Make sure to run the "npm run production" command from your project web root folder, so that the javascript source code is re-compiled.

To perform a mass edit action over a set of entries, you should use the Advanced Search to separate a number of entries that you want to edit, and then access the Mass Edit option from the dropdown, as shown in the video below:

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