Modules and Entries

Table of Contents
  1. Modules
  2. Entries


Modules are basically representations of database tables. Modules may have multiple entries, depending on the chosen module type. 

Available module types are:

  1. Single Entry Module
  2. Non Sortable Module
  3. Sortable Module
  4. Multilevel Sortable Module

Modules can form various relations, in a very similar way the relationships are handled in the Laravel framework, as each module's table data is accessed through the model class which extends the Laravel Eloquent ORM.

Photon CMS ships with a number of pre-installed system modules, and you are free to extend each module using the provided Generator Photon CMS feature.

More details on how you can use the Generator to create Photon CMS modules can be found in the Generator documentation section.


Entries are, in essence, database table entries. 

Entries can be created or accessed via provided API methods, or using the Photon CMS Control Panel that is powered by the same API methods.

An entry consists of a number of data records, determined by the fields assigned to the module. You can assign fields to modules using the provided Photon CMS Generator feature.

Learn more about various Photon CMS Generator Field Options in the Generator Field Options documentation.

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