One to Many Relation

One to Many Relation field allows you to create a one-to-many relation between two modules.

This type of relationship is also referred to as One To Many in the Laravel Eloquent ORM documentation. As Photon CMS extends Laravel Eloquent ORM in it's models, getting familiar with how Laravel Eloquent works is an advantage.

This type of field is read only field, and the dropdown shows up as disabled in the UI form.

Table of Contents
  1. One to Many Relation Field Appearance
  2. One to Many Field Options

One to Many Relation Field Appearance

One to Many Field Options

One to Many Field features the following settings:

  1. Field Type
  2. Field Name
  3. Relation Name
  4. Related Module
  5. Tooltip Text
  6. Validation Rules
  7. Default Value
  8. Editable
  9. Disabled
  10. Hidden
  11. Is System
  12. Nullable
  13. Indexed
  14. Lazy Loading
  15. Local Key
  16. Foreign Key
  17. Can Create Search Choice
  18. Flatten To Optgroups
  19. Is Active Entry Filter

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