Resized Images Module

Resize Images is a system Photon CMS Module used for storing information about resized images that are generated from Assets Module image uploads in a format defined by Image Sizes module.

Table of Contents
  1. Accessing Resized Images
  2. GD or Imagick Library

Accessing Resized Images

You shouldn't have to access this module entries directly, as Resized Images module forms a Many to One relationship with Assets module, meaning that whenever you query the Assets module you will receive the related Resized Images entries alongside each module entry.

GD or Imagick Library

Resized images are generated either using the GD or Imagick library. You can specify which library should be used under the IMAGE_SOFTWARE option in .env configuration file.

We strongly recommend using the Imagick library as we took time to fine-tune the Image Magick parameters as per Google Page Speed Article on image optimization, and the results are both great looking, and low in file size.

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