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Photon CMS v1.1.0 Released

Photon CMS got its first minor version upgrade. Yayz! The highlight is the addition of an automatic version upgrade feature.

Tihomir Opacic

Tihomir Opacic

2 min read

Automatic upgrades

Running a `php artisan photon:update` CLI command from your project root folder will upgrade your Photon to the latest version. However, be aware that the automatic upgrade script will be able to help you upgrade to the latest Patch version which is guaranteed not to introduce breaking changes. Breaking changes can occur in Minor and Major version upgrades, and some manual work may be needed to sync your Photon CMS installation with the latest version. Don’t worry it will all be laid out in an upgrade guide.

To be able to implement automatic upgrades we’ve moved things around. The rule of the thumb is - if you want to do automatic upgrades don’t touch anything inside of the /app/PhotonCms/Core and the /resources/assets/photonCms/core folders.

However, changing files inside the above-mentioned folders should not be considered a sin.

Intro tutorials

Among other changes, the notable addition to the Photon CMS frontend is the implementation of introduction tutorials. We’ve noticed that people don’t read the documentation(!). I mean… really? Silly us, why did we ever believe the opposite?

Hopefully, the Microsoft-style tutorials will get the potential users up and running before they decide to run away. Or start reading the docs.


Here’s a complete changelog:


  • Enabled users to define their own field types, jobs, and module exporters within the dependencies section and to use them together with core files
  • Added unique flag within fields table, which enables creating unique fields within DB
  • Add a tick-box to add new Module to Main Menu after generator create
  • Implemented introduction tutorial within the frontend
  • Added photon:update artisan command


  • Existing photon field types, jobs, and module exporters moved to the core section
  • Existing photon notifications, configs, commands, routes, seeders, and service providers moved to the core section
  • Existing photon middlewares moved to core section and dynamically loaded into the kernel
  • The default prefix for public API routes changed from api to public-api
  • Enabled automatic login after registration if email confirmation is not required
  • FCM tokens are now stored in DB and backed up during the sync process


  • Fixed flag for adding an index to DB issue
  • Fixed user email confirmation issue
  • Fixed issue with special char escaping for json_encode / json_decode during the sync process
  • Fixed missing filters for module exporting
  • Fixed validation and added unique attribute for email field within Users core module


  • Non required modules from core seeders
  • .gitattributes file

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