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The Coca-Cola Company
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We build fast SEO-friendly websites

We're using Jamstack concept together with the cutting-edge web development tools to build the fastest performing websites. People love fast websites, machines love them more. Expect to rank well in search engines!

Working with Tihomir, the CEO, and his Photon CMS team has been nothing but fantastic! It's not only the time they dedicate to the project they are working on, it's the passion they are willing to bring to the table. Thank you guys!

Vuk Zivkovic
Vuk Zivkovic, PlayerHunter, CEO

Why Jamstack websites?

Jamstack concept allow us to pre-render all the website pages as static files that are deployed on CDN, while maintaing all of the dynamic properties of traditional websites. Apart from being fast, Jamstack sites are more secure and rank better with search engines.

Tech we use

We'll make sure to pick the technology that's the best fit for your project. Though most of the time, these three tools are a winning combo:

Photon CMS

Photon CMS is a headless content management system used to administer your website content. As we're creators of this amazing CMS, you can expect top-notch setup and support that you can't expect to receive from other CMS vendors.


Next.js is the de-facto industry standard when it comes to building super-fast static websites with dynamic capabilities. Next.js is built on React framework and is a matured single page application development framework that is guarantied to produce top performing websites.


The websites we build are best served by Amazon Web Services. AWS is the best and most reliable service that provides the needed infrastructure to run Jamstack websites. We provide the setup and maintenance so that you don't have to worry about that.

How we build websites?

Each project is carefuly managed through these four stages:


Set clear project goals

We discuss the project with you to set the clear list of features needed to be built, and goals to be achieved.

Suggest the tech stack

Based on project goals we suggest the technology to be used. Most of the times Jamstack will be a recommended concept.

Transparent implementation

Our team will work on a project while providing you with clear and regular progress updates.

Handling the postlaunch

After launching the website we'll make sure that everything runs smooth. Tech stack we use welcomes changes, so further development is absolutely possible.
The Coca-Cola Company
The Coca-Cola Company

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Photon CMS team to deliver digital promotions for The Coca-Cola Company for over 2 years. They have demonstrated repeatedly the commitment to meeting strict timelines and understanding complex company procedures. Tihomir, the CEO, is a resourceful technologist and always brings a high level of digital competence to a project.

Ben Marks
Ben Marks
Technical Project Manager

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