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Photon CMS Blog


Photon CMS v1.2.0 Fresh & Juicy Update Released

The new Photon CMS release brought in some extremely useful and entertaining functionality!

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When a CMS Becomes a Laravel Project Boilerplate

The curses and the blessings you're likely to witness if you decide to break the rules and alter Photon CMS core files.

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Photon CMS v1.1.0 Released

Photon CMS got it’s first minor version upgrade. Yayz! The highlight is the addition of automatic version upgrade feature.

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Why Should You Consider Using Self Hosted Headless CMS For Your Next Project?

Headless CMSs are the thing, apparently. We all love the sense of control self-hosted CMSs provide. So how can you profit from using a self-hosted headless CMS?

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Photon CMS v1.0 is Released!

Years and years of development finally paid off. We are so pleased to release our first commercial version of Photon Content Management System!

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