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Photon CMS v1.2.0 Update

The new Photon CMS release brought in some extremely useful and entertaining functionality!

Tihomir Opacic

Tihomir Opacic

3 min read

Include Fields functionality in the API

One of the most requested features in Photon CMS has been implemented. It allows you to dramatically slim down the payload GraphQL-style by specifying exactly which parameters you want to be returned.

We used this new API feature to speed up the Photon CMS Admin panel as most API queries now request the optimized response payloads.

Introducing Field Groups

Another often-requested feature landed in v.1.2.0, and it allows you to group the fields into larger organizational units. 

AI-assisted Celebrity Face-recognition

This was fun to implement! In a nutshell, we’re using the Amazon Rekognition service to detect celebrities in uploaded photos. 

Our team recently developed a news portal for a client and we learned first-hand that in the news publishing industry you got to keep your assets database tidy. You need to tag each photo with a person’s name otherwise it’s as good as deleted, and you won't be able to reuse it. Tagging a photo manually is a tedious process that is now greatly relieved.

Force Delete

Even though the API had the force delete functionality since our first launch, it wasn’t implemented in the frontend as it was a bit destructive. We expanded the feature a bit so that if you’re now trying to delete an entry that was referenced by another one you will be shown a direct link to that entry, and you can make an educated decision if you want to pursue force deletion or not.


Here’s a complete changelog:


  • Added include fields functionality in the API
  • Used include fields functionality in admin panel Vue app to minimize the response payloads
  • Added field groups functionality
  • Added AI-assisted celebrity face-recognition Asset Manager feature
  • Added a Big Integer field type
  • Added a user account lock functionality
  • Added interrupt login and register events
  • Added post login and register events
  • Added the force delete entry functionality


  • Handled a case where while inserting a file in Redactor editor a file is selected instead of an image - it now generates a clickable link.
  • Changed password reset and change methods - instead of eloquent they now use Photon iAPI
  • Sorted modules by name in the generator sidebar
  • Changed generator sidebar module selection to double click instead of a single click
  • Improved the generator change reporter layout
  • Changed the Laravel Mix configuration so that the localhost:3000 isn't automatically opened every time the browserSync watcher is ran (prefer using the proxy URL)


  • Fixed a generator validation error bug
  • Fixed an error with jstree destroy method while switching from single to non-sortable module types
  • Fixed a number of console errors in the generator
  • Fixed an issue of parent module not being accurately displayed for the selected module in the generator section
  • Fixed an issue of automatic table name generator not working under certain conditions
  • Fixed a parent entry selection error for sortable modules
  • Fixed an error with NotificationTransformer which caused notifications to fail

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